House 3A

The new owners of this house liked its size and location, but found the original layout unsatisfactory, and the existing spaces to be somewhat dark and tired. The plan was confusing to navigate, with a series of bedrooms and utility areas on the north side leaving sub-obtimal daylight for the living areas to the south.

By flipping this order, we created a large entertainment, living, and play area for the owners and their young family on the north side of the house with abundant natural light, and wonderful views over the trees and rooftops dotting the suburb. The entry was moved to the end of the existing verandah to create not just a new entry, but an entrance – providing a sense of transition and increasing privacy as one moves from the entry and living areas towards the bedrooms.

Working within limits set by the existing conditions, a secondary vestibule was created as a buffer between the north and south sides, and between the basement and ground level. Large pivot doors allow the entry and living areas to be discreetly screened off from the zone containing the bedrooms and services, while allowing the occupants easy access to the latter directly from the entry.

A modern kitchen, new thermal and acoustic insulation, and upgraded services complete the renovation, resulting in a light-filled, comfortable, and energy-efficient residence.


The new kitchen and living area. After removing the old carpet and tiles, the timber floorboards underneath were patched, sanded and sealed, consciously leaving visible traces of the house’s history. The new large steel-framed window acts as a visual anchor and central light-source.


View of the new entry area. A pivot door (next to the mirror) conceals the secondary vestibule while allowing the occupants easy access to the south side of the house.


The refurbished verandah, with new entry at the end. Dark brick, stone pavers, steel balustrading, and steel windows create a clean and modern aesthetic to complement the existing materials while providing contrast between the old and the new.